The Future Leaders Programme

Centurions Future Leaders Programme is delivered across three awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Children must progress through each stage in turn to unlock higher awards. Discover the journey designed to create your future leader on this page.

The first stage of the programme, The Bronze Award is aimed at children between the ages of 11 and 13. Focused on improving self-confidence and independence, The Bronze Award affords children the opportunity to lead and inspire their peers in a safe, inclusive and fun environment.

The children build their aptitude in these key areas through a series of mental and physical challenges presided over by Centurions expert coaching team. Delivered in two-parts, the first stage of The Bronze Award includes two days at Twickenham with a further three days at Twickenham where we look a lot more in depth at the skills learnt on part one.

Progressing on the skills developed during The Bronze Award, The Silver Award focuses on developing children’s facility for high performance, emotional intelligence and inspiring leadership. Perfect for 13-14 year olds, the award is delivered across five days.

The Gold Award is the culmination of Centurions Future Leaders Programme. Throughout this five-day programme, the children are challenged with complex problem solving tasks and missions designed to develop their core leadership skills. After graduating the programme, each child will be equipped with the tools necessary to succeed in their future endeavours. The Gold Award is invitation only.

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