Our Commitment to your Privacy & Feedback

We value your privacy and feedback with the upmost integrity and take every complaint seriously.


In accordance with new legislation that as come into force, it is important that you know that we are complying with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We hope that this will help you to trust that we are holding your data securely.

Why we collect data

When you complete our online enquiry form, we take a few pieces of information from you, this is in order that we can contact you, that your prospective counsellor will know who you are and that we have the required information that we use as part of our statistical information. We will also ask you some questions about your mental health. We use this information to match you with a counsellor with relevant experience to work with you. We also use this data to access certain funding streams in order that we can retain our free at the point of use counselling service for our clients. When we pass this data to funders, we do so in a completely anonymised way for example we have seen X number of clients this month.

How we collect your data

Initially that is what is given to us by you. Occasionally other people may share information with us but this would only be with your permission.

How we store your data

The initial information that you give us, on first joining the waiting list is all stored on a password protected sharepoint. Information on the form completed with your counsellor is held in a locked filing cabinet. Notes written by your counsellor are anonymised and stored in a separate filing cabinet. Forms and notes will be destroyed after 3 years of completing counselling. Information on share point will be retained for 5 years and then deleted. Your counsellor may also have your telephone number in order to contact you in emergencies, they will save this in an anonymised system.

When we share your data

Occasionally if you or someone else close to you is at serious risk of harm, we may need to break confidentiality, this would lead to us sharing information with an approved body such as your GP. We would always discuss this with you though as stressed when making your initial contract with your counsellor.

Know your rights

You have many rights regarding your personal data, including knowing what information we hold on you.


Please put complaints and feedback in writing to:

Shula Tajima,

Counselling Services Director,

Number 22,

4 Marlow Road,